Best Router Table

If you want to perfect your dadoes and rabbets and if you also want to achieve perfect precision edges, then the only thing you need for achieving that is a good router table. There are of course a series of features you need to consider when you want to buy a router table and below we are going to take a closer look at some of them.

Top 5 Best Router Table Reviews

1) Rockler Router Table Package Review

Best Router Table Reviews presents the Rockler Router Table Package #1. If you are on the lookout for the most reliable router-station package then this Rockler router table package is just the best you can get. The Rockler package includes the Rockler router table that was enhanced and made even more durable with its quality Rockler high pressure laminate top. Also included is the redesigned Rockler 32 inch fence that is made with heavy duty aluminum router plates that is a sure fit for specific routers. Note also that it includes a comfortable table stand height with a height of 32 inches and is made from well-built steel for steady, motionless wood working.

Rockler Router Table Package Reviews
Rockler Router Table Package Reviews


The Rockler router table has a laminate table top surface and in between the laminates lies 1-1/8 inch MDF core creating a perfectly flat and stable 24 inch x 32 inch working surface. The Rockler router table gives you a flat and wide working space to accurately do your wood pieces. For different height and levelling specifications, the router table has a built in miter track made from aluminum and an 8 point plate levelling and locking system to provide the level you want to work with.

Rockler Router Table Features and Specifications

  • 3 inch Rockler router table fence made from extruded aluminum for superb strength.
  • Has 2 adjustable MDF fence faces coated with melamine.
  • Integrated bit guards and top mounted universal T-track for featherboards, stops and hold downs.
  • Rockler steel stands have a height of 32 inches which is appropriate for a comfortable working height.
  • Predrilled 1/8 inch thick supports for effortless installation of shop cabinets and shelves for storage. All hardware to be used for assembly is included in the Rockler router table setup package.
  • Choose from 4 different plates that are predrilled or a large and standard blank plate sizes for your router compatibility

Rockler Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

A lot of customers are impressed with the large flat top and the heavy duty stand. One customer also mentions the nice fence that comes with this Rockler router table package. Some users complained about the lack of instructions provided to easily setup the table even though others claim that the pictures on the box are more than sufficient to get everything setup. The customer service is praised by many customers for being very helpful and friendly. Overall the buyers and users of this router table agree that the Rockler router table provides the right value for its price.

2)Grizzly G0528 Router Table Review

Grizzly G0528 Router Table Review from Grizzly comes with lots of features at a lower price. If you need a solid stationary shaper, the sliding table router will make all processing easy and safe. The sliding table is particularly good for making raised panels. The router table is well designing with a sliding mechanism. It is versatile and suits to any portable router of power ¾ HP to 5 HP.

Grizzly G0528 Router Table
Grizzly G0528 Router Table

The sliding router table is having enough workspace for most wood shaping jobs. The table is suitable for a variety of portable routers. It is easily mountable on any workbench. That is very useful equipment in the wood workshop. It is fitted with 2.5 inch dust collection hood for better management of your workplace. The unit is portable and durable with the extruded aluminum sliding table and fence. You can work with a variety of materials with good precession on all shapes. The aluminum fence is with size 2x 3 inches x 12 inches.

The split aluminum fence supports precession of accurate cuts on both sides. The feather boards are adjustable to suit different workspaces and they provide support for feeding wood stock across the router. The router table has got powerful dust collection port. It is used to collect dust and debris and it fits standard sized 2 ½ vacuum cleaner hose. You can add additional featherboards using the accessory slot. The main table surface measures 30 ¾ x 9 7/8 inches and sliding table surface measures 30 ¾ x 12 ¼ inches.

The Router Table

Heavy since it is building wirock-solidlid cast iron and it offers superior quality. It allows the wood to move rather than you move the machine. You can get consistently accurate cuts with good precession. You should make sure that the surface of the router table should be frictionless. The manual is provided for assembling and best practice. The setup is easy and requires less assembly.

The table is building with cast iron which is tilting to 45 degrees. This table is meant to withstand high HP routers and smaller wood shaping pieces. The table is perfect portable and high capacity machine. It makes you cutting job simple. The router table includes steel stand along with shelf and a convenient front mounted switch.

Router table Features:

  • Accepts practically any brand of portable router from 3/4 HP to 5 HP
  • Cast iron table
  • Table can be tilted 45° for convenient router installation
  • Extruded aluminum sliding table and fence
  • Sliding table provides an effortless and extremely smooth operation
  • Sliding table includes a toggle clamp for fast clamping
  • 2-1/2? dust hood
  • Includes steel stand with shelf.
  • Mounted with convenient front switch


  • Main table surface: 31″ x 10″
  • Sliding table surface: 31″ x 12″
  • The Table counter-bore: 3-1/2″
  • Table insert diameter: 4″
  • Table height: 34″
  • Fence size (2x): 3″ x 12″
  • Approximate shipping weight: 137 lbs.

3)Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System Review

Best Router Table Reviews presents the Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table. Kreg is one of the leading manufacturers or router tables and one of the most sold models they have released is the Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System. This Kreg router table has features that were modeled after the high end table saw rip fences which aims to deliver quality router table performance that enables you, your router and router table to work well together in creating magnificent wood works.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System Review

This Kreg router table is manufactured with its unique T-square style fully enclosed aluminum fence for ultimate dust collection and for the maximum usage of your miter slot. Also the t-squared designed fence can complement certain small adjustments. Its innovative edge bended MDF table surface is coated with high pressure laminate and easy slide micro dot skin that makes pieces slide and glide easily on the table’s surface. The MDF table is also noise, impact and vibration resistant which are common distractions while working and has been successfully eliminated by Kreg’s MDF table surface.

The router table’s precise insert plate is being boasted by its ability to mount any router without having to drill extra holes in order to fit routers with various manufacturers and sizes. The Kreg router table features its bottom up levelers with 8 different contact points that make leveling more accurate. The dual reducing rings of 2 inches and 1 13/16 inches provide the convenience of a porter cable guide to enhance the table’s bushing capability. For a much flexible feature, the table can work as a vertical jointer through the use of independent fence faces.

The kreg router table sits on a Kreg universal steel stand

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System Review

A Universal base attachment for a majority of Kreg router tables. In fact it is also the base for the ever famous Klamp Table. The Kreg router table can stand in different adjustable heights from 31 inches up to 36 inches and is manufactured for quality which is made of strong durable steel. Kreg also has extra attachable 3 inches dual locking casters which can add to the product’s mobility making the Kreg router table easy to be moved from one place to another.

Kreg Router Table Features and Specifications

  • The kreg router table has aluminum casted T-square styled fence which is fully enclosed into the table for precision cutting and superior dust collection.
  • Banded edges MDF table top guaranteed to make your work place noiseless, impact and vibration resistant. The kreg router table’s work surface is coated with a laminate Micro-dot skin for an easy sliding and gliding of wood pieces across the table’s surface.
  • Universal insert plate mount that mounts all kinds of routers makes you worry less on drilling holes for your router. If ever a thin chance that your router won’t mount on the insert plate, Kreg will drill holes for you instead of you paying someone to the drilling job.
  • Appropriate leveling using lock down screws that adjusts heights from 31 inches to 36 inches all made possible by its dual reducing rings.
  • The aluminum fence faces are individualized which gains another purpose as a vertical jointer.

Kreg Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

Since Kreg is making its name on the router table manufacturing market, it is not impossible that both professional and starters in wood working would purchase and experience using the Kreg router table. It is but an achievement that most of these buyers compliment the Kreg router table with its unique features that utilizes so well with their wood work concerns. Though some of them are having a few complaints about the product, they are still seen as minor problems with appropriate solutions that will never affect the product’s performance.

Most of the customer reviews say that the aluminum stands and fences are of great help. They are sturdy and remain immovable even when high powered routers are being attached to it. Since a router table is meant to overcome distractions that may destroy a work piece and that it should measure and cut precisely, a lot of client reviews hails the aluminum fencing and the noise, impact, and vibration resistant MDF table top and the flexible fence faces that eliminates working distractions and fences measures and cuts accurately, just the way a woodworking enthusiast wants.

Also a good understanding of instructions adds the complete set of a quality product and the kreg router table fortunately has delivers on that where a lot of clients said the instructions are clear and very understandable making the process of putting up the table easy.

Since not everyone can be pleased with this router table, this neither harm nor affect what the product can do and help with your wood works. Some customers had sent complaints about the fragile knobs, screws and threads whereas according to them these are not made of a very strong material and with heavy force there could be damage to the screws resulting in loose threads.

4)Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table Review

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Best Router Table Reviews presents the Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table Review. Bosch is a world renowned brand for different power tools and one of the most popular is their line of router tables. This Bosch router table is just one of the best benchtop router tables Bosch has ever made. The Bosch router table has features every skilled wood worker would want to be installed on their router table. This router table can be attached to any work bench so finding a compatible work bench won’t be a problem anymore. Bosch router tables have feather boards that are adjustable for superior protection and precise cutting once the workpiece is being secured on the table’s fence.

This Bosch router table also has a dust collection port, collecting all of the dust directly into a bin. The Bosch router table has two ½ inch size functional dust bins that collect all the dust from the surface creating a clean and healthy working place.

Precise cuts just like a professional woodworker

Bosch RA1181 lets you create a large variety of work pieces with its sleek 27 inches long by 18 inches wide work surface. On one of the Bosch router table legs is a storage area that is very usable for keeping wood working tools and routers. The router table also has an aluminium router mounting plate that fits perfectly with numerous routers even those which are not manufactured by Bosch. With the mounting plates ready to be mounted by different routers, you do not need to drill holes in it anymore. Bosch router plates have aluminium fences with MDF face plates making the work surface sturdy and easy to glide in. The aluminum fences are also adjustable, where work pieces secured using the feather boards can create precise and definite cuts.

A clean, healthy and safe working environment

The Bosch RA1181 router table is well known for its dust collecting ability where it contains one dust collection port that effectively removes dust and debris. Bosch router tables dust port fits standard sizes of 2 -1/2 inch vacuum hoses.

The extra accessory slot can handle additional featherboards and any optional accessories that measure ¾ inch such as any miter gauge measuring ¾ inch by 3/8 inch deep.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Bosch Router Table Features and Specifications

  • A benchtop router table that can be easily attached to any work bench.
  • Has 2 adjustable featherboards for security and safety of fingers while sawing and can also contribute to precise cutting once secured into the fence of the table board.
  • Strong aluminium fence with MDF plates for a sturdy and frictionless cutting. These plates and fences contribute to minimizing the motion of the router table while handling high horse powered routers making each cut exact and clean.
  • Dust collection bin which effectively removes dust and dirt on the router table so cleaning up is easier. It also cleans the environment by eliminating dust particles to scatter. Also fits vacuum standard sized 2-1/2 hoses.
  • Accessory containers for storing and even adding in extra tools measuring ¾ of an inch such as the miter gauge.
  • 27 inches long by 18 inches wide workspace creating more space for working and giving more ease on cutting angular pieces.

Bosch Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

A lot of woodworking enthusiasts who have bought the Bosch router table were very positive based on their experiences of using the product. The most popular comments about the product revolve on certain features of the Bosch router table. One of the most appreciated feature of the product is the material used which is a strong aluminium cast that manifested the sturdiness and the quality of the router table. The aluminium casts on the fences, work surface and the mounting plate protects both the work piece and the machine itself eliminating the waxing process done with tables made from iron casts that leave silver streaks on the wood once it is not waxed. Also the dust bin has been a great help since it keeps the work space free from dust and debris.

However, certain features had brought disappointment to customers too but this just had a minimal impact on their overall review of the product. One example is the complaint given by a customer who said that his table was not equally levelled. He noted that there was something wrong with the table’s flatness and he had to call Bosch about the problem. Bosch had replaced his table and admitted to initial manufacturing errors.

5)Porter-Cable 698 Bench Top Router Table Review

Porter-Cable 698 Bench Top Router Table Review

Best Router Table Reviews presents the Porter-Cable 698 Bench Top Router Table. The Porter-Cable router table is made with supreme fondness that will be a delight for both professional and novice wood workers. Porter-Cable router tables are made from lightweight machined aluminum that is durable, easy to mobilize where transferring the router table from one location to another is very easy and the router table has an adjustable table height.

Any size routers can also be easily attached to the working table giving it a stable fit and can be snapped off easily too for easier transfer. It also has a large table top aluminium surface of 19-3/4 inch by 16-3/4 inch with a cast in lip for maximum support on table extensions.Porter-Cable router tables have predrilled table holes of 3-5/8 inches which caters mounting and adjusting router bases very well and accommodates router bits at about 3-1/3 inches. The Porter-Cable router table has modest leg heights spacious enough to store a certain number of routers. The Porter-Cable table router is featured with its split fence features that allows you to position work pieces front to back or the other way around. The multiple starting pin positions of two inserts for a larger and a smaller size plus a ¾ miter gauge slot adds to the total functionality of the Porter-Cable router table.

Porter-Cable Router Table Features and Specifications

  • A wide 19-3/4 inch in length and 16-3/4 inch in width table top made from machined aluminum for strong and sturdy surface to work with. This iron casted router table is lightweight that makes it easier to log around or move from one place to another. The Porter-Cable router table top has a cast in lip for superior support on table extensions.
  • ¾ miter gauge slot perfect for your miter gauge which is ¾ in size. It also has multiple starting pin locations that insert both larger and smaller size pins.
  • Features include the quick adjusting split-fence which splits individually into 2 halves and enables accuracy when jointing pieces.
  • The table holes accept bits with sizes as large as 3-1/2 inch panel that can be applied into the table.
  • The 12-7/8 inch table leg height allows use of most variety of 1-1/2 to 3-1/4 horse power routers that are available on the market.
  • The product also has a 1 year limited warranty where repairs will be fixed free of charge.

Porter-Cable Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

Porter-Cable router tables have a few reviews from customers and users, one of those reviews includes the praise for the dust chute where one customer said that ‘it perfectly fits on the shop vac and I don’t have to worry about dust and debris scattered on the shop or floating in the air.” Another positive review was from a customer who said that “the Porter-cable router table is very portable and once set up properly, it’s fine to use”. While some customers had posted a negative review about the product where he said “the inexpensive materials makes the table hard to set up and since it’s very lightweight it keeps on moving while at work.” Overall the reviews were very positive and many users would recommend the Porter-Cable router table to friends and family.