Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table Review

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table Review

Best Router Table Reviews presents the Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table. The Bench Dog router table is a compact sized award winning router table known for its superb excellence in delivering quality and satisfactory table routers. Benchdog router tables have features that provide extreme precision and safety such as the forward offset router location. The Bench Dog router table has a dual position fence named Profence which provides more usable space to work with. The Bench Dog router table was designed for high durability meant to last for a long time and portability making Bench Dog router tables easy to move around. It is also very functional since it accepts any router size with outstanding versatility, stability and guides for a precision cut with a maximum safety on your workspace.

Profence technology is a unique and heavy duty Bench Dog router table feature which is a single piece aluminum frame with a machine finished for full flat, squared top and bottom surfaces. Included in the feature packed Profence is the easy-to-adjust sub fences and bit guards which are a handful of a good deal for professionals and do-it–yourself wood workers. The Bench Dog router table also includes an aluminum miter accessory track that can be easily adjusted to fit all standard miter gauges. The T-slots on both the fence and the table are very much perfect for mounting materials such as feather boards, risers, stops and switches. This product is definitely an all-in-one router table deal, plus it can accommodate a wide array of router tasks and skills making wood piece project easier, faster and more accurate.

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

If you are to work on larger sized panel projects, the Bench dog router table has a dual fence slot that makes the fence flip easier and faster. If you worry on how the Bench dog router table can gather dusts and debris, it has a dust rack that fits 2 ½ shop vac hoses.

The damage free laminate top is built with the technology of stress skin construction proven to provide strength and optimum flatness and measures a modest 24 inches by 16 inches table top space. An exclusive twin steel reel supports your router securing it into the mount. The router table is also enclosed with a birch plywood cabinet that effectively reduces dust and noise. The solid panels are constructed with total strength which is incomparable to cheap substandard and stamped steel stands. The table’s rubber feet prevent the table from slipping while it is being used and also works as an isolation mount that reduces vibration.This Router table and plates can accept any kind and any size routers The plates are predrilled which makes installation a breeze since you do not need to bore holes into it in order for your router to fit. The rigid 15 inches cabinet height also provides more space for your other router or even for the other wood working accessories you have and need while you are at work.

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table Review

Bench Dog Router Table Features and Specifications

  • Sufficient working table surface of 16 by 22 inch router table with a plastic laminate top.
  • Acrylic inserts which are clear and accommodate most router types and with melamine cabinets that are durable and functional.
  • Heavy duty one piece extruded aluminium fence with t-slots and adjustable sub fences and bit guards.
  • Dust chute that fits standard 2 ½ shop vacs eliminating extra work on cleaning debris and dusts accumulated on the work site.
  • Twin steel rails that firmly supports the router and is enclosed on a birch plywood cabinet that reduces noise and dust while the machines are at work despite the high horse power of the router.
  • Solid and strong panel construction to last for a long time compared to cheap plastic and stamped steel stands.
  • Rubber attachments on the router table’s feet to prevent slippage while it also works as an isolator that decreases vibration.

Bench Dog Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

As we scan customer reviews for the Bench dog router tables, it is overwhelming that a lot of people seemed to be very satisfied with the Bench dog router table’s performance. Encouraging comments includes the compliments that it is easy to set up due to the clear instructions and high grade materials which make up a quality product. Also the one pieced aluminium extrusion is praised since it gives ease, making the setup process easier than those 2 piece fences. The sub fences are seen to be adjusted allowing us to do our valued wood working work continuously.

The Bench dog router tables have also been commended with its portability making it easier to log around. It also provides superior stability and comfortable table working height with a very small setup time. One customer commented the best amongst them saying that the router table is solid built portraying the quality and robustness of the product making it fit for its price.

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