Freud RTP1000 Ultimate Portable Router Table Review

Freud RTP1000 Ultimate Portable Router Table Review

Freud RTP1000 Ultimate Portable Router Table Review

RTP1000 Ultimate Portable Router Table is the innovative portable router table with the aluminum t-type track and the steel folding system of standing. Freud Company is one of the world leaders in producing inexpensive, innovative, modern designed tools for woodworking.

This router table has the large working surface and large inserted plate, which enables to use different router types. This model is extremely easy for transportation due to the folder design, which enables to close the table and put it easily in the car. It may be even hanging on the wall when it’s in the flat closed position. Freud RTP1000 is very easy to use and to assemble, it does not require much space and can me also mounted on the bench tables.

The router table is working in the way that the piece of wood is moving along the router surface.

If you want to use like the bench-top router table you can just simply mount it on the working bench surface with legs’ assemblies.

This model is supplying with patented Freud micro-adjustable fence, which allows dealing with highly precise small details and complicated tasks.

To make this router table ideal, you may also purchase Freud patented router with the ability to use a different amount of horsepower.

Freud RTP1000 Router Table

On the top of the Freud RTP1000 Router Table, there is a large size hole for the router, which you may take out or insert easily.

The fence may be dual adjusted, which allow dealing with the wide range of tasks. There is also the special dust port, which keeps the surface and the environment clean.

The table itself is making of laminate and the fence is aluminum. Freud Router Table may deal with the large number of joining, shaping, cutting tasks, providing high quality, simplicity and preciseness.

The plate made of aluminum consists of eight different screws of leveling. The table itself is just 14 inches high.

Freud RTP1000 Ultimate Portable Router Table Features

  • This Freud Ultimate Portable Router Table features stable table-top at 18 1/2-by-23 1/2-in. with aluminum T-Track for balance and adaptability
  • Wide-stance metal pipe fold down legs for simple storage and transportation and non-skid feet to promote basic safety and help to make this router table perfect for benchtop use
  • The large 9-by-12-in. insert plate enables for easy installation or removal of the router via the table
  • Comes with Freud’s SH-5 Micro-Adjustable router table fence
  • 14-in. high at 27.4-pounds; Covered by Freud’s limited one-year warranty

Freud RTP1000 Ultimate Portable Router Table Reviews

The shipping weight of this portable router table is only 27 pounds. According to some reviews. This table is a very stable one, this tool is perfect for small shops, as it may be easily relocated.

This portable router table is perfecting for the small run. Freud RTP1000 Router Table model is only compatible with Freud fences. Make sure you make a good deal and order all of the items at once.

The price for this portable router table is absolutely fantastic, and now with the new aluminum inserted plate – it may cost you from 200 to 300 USD. This model has one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Freud RTP1000 Ultimate Portable Router Table has the simple design, you may assemble it without any problem, it will deal with most of the tasks including the high precise ones, and you can easily take it with you or just keep it in the corner or hang it on the wall.

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