JessEm 03200 Bench Top Router Table Review

JessEm 03200 Bench Top Router Table Review

Best JessEm 03200 Bench Top Router Table Review. The JessEm router table is the newest bench top router table available from JessEm manufacturers. Designed with a shorter version of its innovative Route-R-Fence. The JessEm router table is smartly constructed with a high density MDF laminated bottom and top surfaces for flat and levelled work space perfect for wood workers who appreciate measurement and cutting accuracy. The JessEm router table stands are in a tubular form ensuring a steady and sturdy platform.

JessEm 03200 Bench Top Router Table Review

This router table has built in saddle bags for all of your accessories, tools and bit storage. The package also includes a dust collector bag that fits all standard 2-1/4 inch shop vacs which gathers dust and debris for a clean working environment. Since wood working requires maximum safety measures, the JessEm router table includes a safety switch for both the router and for the 10 foot cord 2 inch insert rings that holds wrenches, hardware and other tools. The JessEm router table is available in two sizes, a large and a smaller one whose choice is up to the wood working enthusiast.

JessEm Router Table Features and Specifications

  • JessEm router tables have an extruded aluminum fence with anodized frame for maximum durability. Adjustable tool free fence faces for easy fence adjustments along with built in fence face shimming bars for jointing.
  • 3-5/8 inch opening on Phenolic insert plate insert plate with 2 inch tab loc insert designed  with 3-5/8-inch opening, comes with 2-inch tab-loc insert and inserting ring designed for total functionality.
  • 1-1/4 tubular frame stands which makes the table extra sturdy despite the rough sawing and high powered router attachments.
  • Side saddle bags for convenient storing several numbers of tools and hardware. Bits and gauges can also be stored in these bags so that it can be carried along with the table.
  • Built in power on and off switch for ultimate safety that allows you to turn off your router immediately without having to unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Dust bin collector that allows shop vac hoses measuring 2-1/4 for easier dust collection making clean ups not a hard work.
  • High density MDF core laminated table for sure flatness and furnish on both top and bottom surfaces.

JessEm Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

A number of customers are fascinated by the new router table ideas for example the saddle bags where one customer said that “the saddle bag system is great since it can easily carry small tools and accessories”. The table has a very sturdy construction which makes the table motionless while it is used for wood working projects. While some people have some problems that they encountered especially with the assembly procedure, a few other people complained that some pieces with longer measurement are hard to align which affects the routers uniformity.

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