MLCS 9764 Woodworking Router Table Review

MLCS 9764 Woodworking Router Table Review

MLCS 9764 Woodworking Router Table Review

Best Router Table Reviews presents the MLCS 9764 Woodworking Router Table. MLCS router table is definitely different compared to other router tables you can find on the market. It’s convenient, durable and precise. All these positive features were constructed to provide wood working enthusiasts the best router table they deserve. Router table has a 24 inch by 32 inch table top working surface with a heavy 1-3/8 thick table top which is ¼ thicker compared to other usual router tables. The table top has a sturdy MDF core guaranteed to last and a durable melamine surface and polyethylene plastic edges built to impose optimum flatness.

The insert has a 12 inch by 9 inch phenol router insert which is per-mounted and removal rings that allows size openings of 1-3/26 inch, 2-5/8 inch and 4 inch which will fit great for router bits that can be found on the market. The per-installed aluminum miter slots ensure leveling accuracy and aluminum T-track slots for the mounting of your router fence. If you are working on a hands free routing system, the MLCS woodworking router table comes with a guide pin for easy guiding. While most customers gets problematic with screws, the MLCS router table has hex head adjusting screws which makes inserting top levelling easier compared to other router tables. The MLCS router table also has an innovative magnet idea, where magnets hold the insert in place making it immovable while you are at work. Inserts with threads are also installed on the bottom of the MLCS router table so when you decide to add in an extra leg set or cabinets for your routers and accessories, you do not have to drill the holes anymore.

MLCS 9764 Woodworking Router Table

MLCS router table

The MLCS router table fence is 36 inch and made from anodized aluminum which keeps the fence in place at a perfect 90 degree angle for accuracy and machined to attain .010 inch. The high split fence is made from an MDF core with melamine surface so that you can do your edge routing and vertical routing in a very safe, danger-free way. The MLCS woodworking router table also has T-slots attached to it for the mounting of your feather boards or jigs into your fence. MLCS wants to keep their customers safe by adding a durable plastic safety guard that will protect your eyes and face from flying and spattering wood chips which can surely inflict a person while doing wood working operations. Also the MCLS router table comes with a measuring tape that sits on the top of the table fence which reads from both left to right and right to left sides that provides easy measurements.

MLCS Router Table Features and Specifications

  • Heavy 24 inch by 32 inch working space and a thick table top of 1-3/8 inch which is ¼ thicker than other router tables. Table is made of strong MDF core, high quality melamine surfaces with polyethylene plastic edges for a smooth and stable working surface.
  • Removal rings that allow 3 sizes of 1-3/16 inch, 2-5/8 inch and 4 inch, guide pin for free hand routing, hex head screws and magnets to hold the inserts firmly.
  • Pre-installed aluminum miter slots, aluminum T-track slots for fence mounting and feather board attachment, threaded inserts mounted on the bottom of the table for extra cabinets.
  • High split fence is made of MDF core on a melamine surface for safer vertical and edge routed.
  • 36 inch long fence made from anodized aluminum steadily angled to a 90 degree for accuracy machined up to .010.
  • Measuring tape on the top fence that reads from left to right and right to left for accurate and easy measurement.
Woodworking Router Table

MLCS Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customers are amazed with the MCLS router table’s durability and weight which makes it easier to set up since the weight makes the materials stable. The customers also complimented on the fence which allows all kinds of attachments may it be homemade or bought from a wood working equipment store. The fences are also squared which is easy for angled cutting and for hand held routed. The magnets help in keeping the inserts steady and firmly in place. The fact that MCLS ships their router tables for free, keeps people attracted to buying it for its value and great deals. The only complaint to rise above the customer reviews where a suggestion of having pre-drilled standard holes on the insert for the router attachment and mounting.

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