Skil RAS900 Router Table Review

Skil RAS900 Router Table Review

Best Router Table Reviews presents you the Skil RAS900 Router Table Review. The Skil router table is highly rated by a lot of woodworkers, most of them testify the products efficiency and features that make it a top sought after router tables. The Skil router table has a an MDF and laminate finished surface which allows work pieces to glide and fit perfectly into routers for a precise and clean cut with small effort. It doesn’t have a router insert instead it is using the quick clamp mount and mounting plate that easily mounts on the router and locks it with a snap. Releasing the router and changing the bit is very easy which can be done in just seconds, plus you do not need to spend extra time and effort since you do not need to level it anymore. The bit height guard adjusts the bits during bit setups for an accurate cut.

Skil RAS900 Router Table Review

Router table includes a starter pin and gauge which effectively supports the workpieces when cutting a curved piece, thus making your cuts smoother and leveled in a precise shape. If you are the type of woodworker who always put things in one place then forgets where you left them, then this Skil router table is just the perfect one for you. These storage boxes are just perfect for tools, miter gauges, wrenches and other tools and accessories. These extra storage bins will be a big help for organizing your tools and necessary accessories needed for your woodworking job. Having a small area or shop? Then this innovative feature of the Skil router table is just a perfect solution.

 Keeping and using this router table

Is no hassle since the table comes in preassembled which requires little assembly tasks. So assembling the stands and putting them in the right angles and levels is not for you to worry about. The Skil router table also comes with 2 weatherboards that guide your workpiece for a precision cut, also if you want featherboards from other brands, you can easily snap off the current featherboards that come with the package and attach them into your slot. For a cleaner and dust free cutting area, the Skil router table also has a dust port that collects dusts and chunks all at the same time since this Skil router table has a two way adapter switch where you can easily turn on or off your router with just a click underneath your router table. You can even turn your router and the dust port with your shop vacuum hose attached together at the same time.

Skil Router Table Features and Specifications

  • Smooth laminated MDF top for workpieces to glide and move easily and effortlessly.
  • Featherboards that come into 2 pieces for accurate guides on your workpiece while routing
  • Dust port that collects dust and waste on the table for a cleaner cutting area
  • Foldable designed router table for easy storage; comes pre-assembled with minimum required assembly tasks.
  • Bit height gauge helps setting up bits to deliver cutting accuracy
  • Quick Clamp Router Mount which attaches and releases routers easily without the use of router inserts. This technology helps in easing out bit changes without the need of leveling.
  • Starter pin and guard effectively supports pieces when routing with curves.
  • Storage boxes that are conveniently attached into the table itself for keeping your accessories and other working materials organized.

Skil Router Table Customer Reviews and Ratings

A lot of buyers who had experienced using the Skil router table mostly say that the router table is a very good deal with a lot of functional features for a very affordable price. The materials used are high grade despite the fact that this router table costs much less than other router tables. Another review stated the parts are securely in place such as the featherboards and the fence are locked securely in their proper places. Users also mention that this router table is very easy to use and setting up is not a problem since it comes preassembled. The customers said that the routers no matter what type and brand it is mounts perfectly into the router mount and it is done very easily. The foldable legs are also a plus since people who bought the table are concerned with the space the router table occupies. So finding out that the Skil router table is foldable and can be stored easily, then no doubt a lot of them had liked this product.

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